Lynda StewartLynda Stewart – Paralegal

Lynda Stewart has been working with Jim Kelaher since he first opened his own practice in 1983. She is not only very skilled at assisting Jim Kelaher in his representation of clients in personal injury cases, but she has played an integral part in making  the clients feel very comfortable in the representation afforded them by Jim Kelaher.  Lynda Stewart has developed the type of work environment which only many years of uninterrupted teamwork and camaraderie can produce.

As Jim Kelaher assumes the representation of a new client, Lynda Stewart works with Jim on the the file.  In that fashion, the client has not one but two skilled individuals who are working together in furtherance of the client’s best interests.    Jim Kelaher does, however, have direct supervision of every file.

Cindy PenningtonCindy Pennington – Legal Assistant
Cindy Pennington joined the firm in November of 2010 as a legal assistant after the premature exit of Jim Kelaher’s paralegal, Linda Romea, due to health issues. Linda Romea had also been with Jim Kelaher since 1983. Cindy Pennington has proven to be a valuable asset to the team.

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